Our table cover models offer a perfect way to dress up tables in an open area or in a meeting room. When a pleated cover is not preferred, our plain table covers are the best alternative. Evento can create several designs.

Evento also provides a wide range of colours and fabric types to meet our clients’ specific decoration requirements.



      Design your own table cover – perfectly fitted to your table.

      1)     Please mark the table shape which is your model.

2)Supply detailed measurements as requested below the drawing.

3)Table height minus 1-2 cm = skirting height, in order for the table cover not to touch the floor.

4)Send clear pictures of your table.

5)Select the requested design from table solutions.

6)Select the requested fabric & colour(s) from our shade cards.

7)Mention requested quantity in order to provide best possible prices.


A) Width of the table top…..cm

B) Length / Diameter of the table top…..cm

C) Height of the table…..cm

D) Distance between the feet – measured from the length…..cm

E) Distance between the feet – measured from the width…..cm